1994 Lincoln Continental Executive

Just bought a '94 Lincoln Continental with 76,000 original miles. For the most part the car is immaculate. Have had a problem with the check engine light which I believe may have something to do with the EGR valve. Not too concerned about that. More worried about the Ride Control indicator. The car rides great for some time then the Ride Control indicator goes on and the ride does indeed rapidly deteriorate. If I turn the ride control switch, which is located in the trunk, on and off it starts to work for a while. I can hear the compressor go on and the ride improves. Unfortunately it does not last long. I think one of the shocks may have an air leak. Can anyone help me and maybe give me more info. Thanks. Phil

These cars have an air suspension system that tends to develop leaks.
Soon it will leak so bad you are sitting on nothing.
Fortunately, they sell kits to convert them to springs.
It won’t be cheap, but it is a permanent fix.

Otherwise, you could replace the suspension airbags, keep the ride features, and it might go for another 16 or 17 years. Of course, it might need a compressor too.

Or it could just be one of the many plastic air tubes leaking. You can check them with soapy water. Unfortunately the airbags themselves due tend to go bad, and Ford even suggests replacing them with springs. They stock them at major dealerships, but kits are also available online.