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Miraculous Healing

I’ve had a problem with my car’s HVAC for several years. You need to crank it up to 90 to get the heat to work, or down to 60 to get the AC to work. I guess that means the thermostat was not functioning. Recently I had to have my driver’s seat replaced. I am not only very pleased with the new seat but my HVAC has mysteriously started to work right. My only explanation is that when they cut off the electric to install the seat and reconnected it, something got reset and fixed the problem. Is this possible?

How about some minor meaningless information like what make, model, and year car you have?

It’s a 1991 Oldsmobile 98 Regency Elite

Is this electronic climate control? It sounds like a coincidence, but I suppose it’s possible that something that was malfunctioning got jostled during the seat replacement.