I live in Medford, MA and I have a 2006 Nissan Sentra. About 3 weeks ago, my check engine light came on and it took me 25 minutes to start my car. When I turn the egnition, the car sounds as though it’s going to turn over;but doesn’t. It will repeat that for a very, very long time and when it finally does start, it makes an intermitten ‘reving’ noise until it mellows into a normal humming sound. I brought it to my mechanic who immediatly said, it sounds like a very common problem typical with Nissan’s. He then suggested I replace the Cam and Crank sensor. So of course, I did. Immediatly after the repair was complete, the check engine light was off and the car started right away and sounded good! I drove it home and turned it off. Later that day, I wanted to go somewhere so I got in my car, expecting it to start right away but it didn’t! The check engine light was back on and the problem started ALL over again (ughhhh). I’m trying to cut down on the fishing expedition by putting my question out there. I spoke briefly to a mechanic at the Nissan dealer who mentioned that it may be the regulator to the fuel line. At this point I don’t know… HELP!!!

First, are you saying that the check engine light comes on/is on while the car is running? It is supposed to light up briefly as you start the car.

If it is just on, the the best way to shorten your fishing expedition is to have the codes read from the computer. Did your mechanic do this? Do you know what the code/s was/were? If not, find out. Your mechanic may have written it down on the invoice or many auto parts chain stores (e.g. Autozone) will read then for free.

The format is P0123 - post the exact codes here.

How many miles on your Sentra? Manual or automatic?

When the check engine light comes on there are codes stored in the computer. Your mechanic reads these codes to help him diagnose the problem. Without the codes we don’t even know where to start.

You can have the codes read at a parts store and post them here. It may help.

The codes will be something like Pxxxx. “P” followed by numbers.

Maybe that explains why my neighbor goes out at 6:30am, starts both his Nissans, and lets them idle in his driveway for a half hour while he and his wife eat breakfast. Then when she gets home for lunch hour she leaves her Nissan idling in the driveway. It must be that they don’t trust either of them (each car is 2007 or newer) to re-start after a shut-off. Thanks, but no thanks. Im happy with my four Toyotas!