97 lumina: 3.1L cut off while idling, wont restart

A friend replaced my ac compressor and had just vacuumed it down. Then was letting it idle as we added the oil and 134a to refill the system. We added the oil, and started the first can of 134r. Halfway through, it cut off. Would not restart. Checked fuel pressure: 40 pounds. Checked spark in wires: turned key (without starting starter) and one wire had a constant spark. Another wire never had a spark even while turning over starter. Replaced the coil. Nothing. Replaced the crank sensor. Nothing. Any ideas?

Electronic ignition or rotor type?


the description you give is of a failed ignition module, that is stuck on the one lead and not firing on the others. Get the codes read out and see if there is any way to fix this without replacing the unit, probably not.

we replaced the ignition module, still wont start. Starter turns over motor, but not firing up. Constant spark on the one wire, nothing on another.

The next thing we are going to try is the cam sensor.