Dies when I stop!


I could use some ideas. I have a 1993 Chevrolet Lumina Euro 3.4. Runs awsome as long as I’m on the gas but when I have to stop, the engine dies. Doesn’t idle well. It did this when I first got it and stopped. I put a high flow intake on it hasn’t run right since. The air flow sensor and crakcase vet have been moved properly. Any ideas?


Take the aftermarket intake off and check the IAC valve.


Cleaned the IAC valve when it was doing this before. Didn’t seem to make any difference. Might try replacing it. Taking off intake will be a last resort. Never had any problems with other intakes that I have changed. Have an ignition module ordered for it but want to get it to return to idle first. It will idle when I sart it. It won’t return to idle.


Just in case antone is having the same issues… I disconected a battery terminal and left it over night. Hooked it back up the next day, started the car and let it run for several minutes. It took a couple of starts for the computer to reprogram itself. This seems to have corrected the problem. I guess it takes a Chevy longer than a Ford to reset the computer.


That’s a great result! Why did you disconnect the battery? Yes, the engine computer may have needed to be reset to zero, because of the new intake manifold, by disconnecting the battery. A defective throttle position sensor is also a suspect when idle can’t be found.


I’ll do the same thing when I get stumped on a problem. It is the same a re-booting the home computer. Sometimes a bad bit gets locked into a memory slot, and this is the only way to clear it out. On a side note, I’ve had to do a similar thing to my digital thermostat, my satellite reciever, and even my VCR.


I usually try that when one doesn’t run right. I did it when I changed intakes but apparently didn’t leave it disconected long enough. I’m used to Fords. They only take a couple of minutes. I’ve always driven Fords. My Jeep Wrangler was the first non Ford vehicle. I love it. Pure off-road machine. This Chevy is only the second non Ford. It’s growing on me. Pretty quick for a V6. Decided I want to see just how much I can get out of it!