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1986 Honda

From the show, does this car have an Ignition Control Module? I had a 1994 Chevy Lumina and it kept breaking down in Central Ohio with very similar circumstances. It would eventually cut out while I would be going 50-60mph and I would pull over. If I would wait a few minutes, it would turnover, drive a little more and then do the same thing.

Firestone thought it was water in the fuel line, and the dry gas didn’t work. The tow truck driver (after it wouldn’t start anymore) thought it was a clogged fuel filter or bad pump. But when they were able to replicate it in a test drive and then got it on the lift, it turned out to be the ICM.

I don’t know much about cars, but since this girl replaced about all the fuel components, I thought maybe this would be it.

Yes, it has an IGNITION MODULE. It’s under the half moon plate on the engine. Here are the replacement instructions, and drawing, of the ignition module: You go to, register, come back here, and click on this link.