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96 GMC Jimmy 4dr

I have a 96 GMC Jimmy that will not start… I have replaced the spider fuel injector and now I get the right fuel pressure. I have random non regular spark that is very week. I have replaced the ignition coil, spark plug wires, spark plugs, distributor cap and rotor, cam sensor, the ECM, and the ignition control module. The crank sensor checked out to be good. I do not know where else to check…

Bad ground or ignition switch? How sure are you about that crank sensor?

I am 95% positivethat it is not the issue. The haynes manual give you a test to try and i pasted it. I even swapped it out and tried my brothers sensor off of his blazer… The vehicle does turn over but nothing else… So i dont think it wouldbe the ignition switch. I hav also checked the grounds but I will recheck…

I can’t seem to find an exploded view, but if memory serves me right there is a wheel attached to the crankshaft that the crank sensor gets its pulses from. Pull the sensor back out and stick a finger in and see if you can move that wheel. If you can move it any at all, I would have to say you’ve found your culprit.

thnx pete I have pulled out the sensor before but never knew to check that wheel. I am buying a new distributor today. I broke the part that holds the cap down so I now the whole ignition system will be brand new.

I got home to findout that that wheel you talking about is a trigger wheel and that my vehicle does not have one. It operates directly off of the crankshaft. I went ahead and just replaced the distributor and when I get it timed I will repost and let you know my results.

Actually your engine does have what is called a “target wheel”. It’s mounted on the crankshaft between the balancer and the crank gear for the timing chain. It’s not made as part of the crankshaft.

well as far as i could tell when i took out the sensor, there was nothing there but the crankshaft.