97 jimmy does not have spark from coil

the 97 gmc jimmy in question has had the following parts replaced while trying to solve this issue. The coil (3 times) the pick up coil Once, the computer once, the computer once, the timing chain and gears once, the pickup sensor once, and fuel pump. The coil has three wires leading in one pink, one white and one brown. The white lead has power or voltage coming from it. (tested with a voltage light) The pickup coil under the rotor in the distributer cap also has a pink line and has power. The engines turns over and has plenty of fuel preasure

What about the ignition module?

located right nest to the coil, has been replaced as well two times.

We have also checked the engine ground wire from negitive post to block for carosion and proper fit. Ran a jumper ;ine to the frame to the body with same results, no spark from coil.