1997 nissan pickup

does a 1997 nissan pickup 2.4 liter motor have a ignition coil .i can not found it .and my parts guy can’t find one listed.

Try this link to find the coil.

The 2.4 engine in the truck is not the same 2.4 engine in the Altima in 97. In 98, the truck got the Altima engine but the 97 truck engine was the engine used in the early 240SX. But the distributor is basically the same. The coil is built into the distributor and is not available separately.

Why do you think the coil is bad? Are you just throwing parts at the truck in the hopes of fixing something?


no spark?

This problem reminds me, for the longest time I thought the cylinder on the passenger side of the firewall on my Corolla was the ignition coil. Finally someone here corrected me. That isn’t the coil, it is the windshield wiper motor! lol

Probably on your truck, it’s the same as my Corolla, the coil is part of the distributor assembly. On the Corolla I think it is possible to replace the coil and keep the distributor, but assuming @keith above is right, on your truck you probably would have to replace the whole distributor if the coil has gone south.

Are you sure it is the coil? Cracked insulation in the high voltage wires is the more common reason for intermittant ignition problems. Does your truck use a crank sensor? That’s another common cause of ignition system problems. Likewise, the distributor cap, rotor, and condensor are more likely to be the problem than the coil So make sure you eliminate those before fussing with the coil.