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'97 Honda Odyssey no start/immediate stall

Symptoms: Problem began suddenly as stalling on idle. This occurred 3 days ago at the beginning of two short consecutive drives, but once started ran OK, accelerated fine, engine sounded normal. Now back in driveway and no start. Engine turns over, catches a little, but sputters and dies.

Suspected IACV, pulled it out and cleaned ports with throttle-body cleaner. No improvement.

Pulled plugs, cleaned and gapped, no improvement.

Can hear the fuel pump cycle and pressurize going ignition Off->On, and sometimes after Start->On (right after stalling).

Had the valve cover off and timing belt looked ok, plus while its old, its not end-of-life (80,000/100,000Km).

What should I suspect next? Fuel filter/pump/relay? EGR? MAP?

There’s three primary inputs into the computer when starting an engine cold.

These are the crankshaft position sensor, throttle position sensor, coolant temp sensor, and the MAF/MAP sensor.


i would check your relay or maybe even your fuel pump shutoff switch