2008 Honda Odyssey - Intermittent No Start

My Odyssey has 125,000 miles on it. Four weeks ago we took it in for a major service - did rear pads/rotors, fuel system clean, air & cabin filters, transmission fluid, serpentine & timing belt, crankshaft, water pump, spark plugs,power steering & brake maintenance. It was running fine, but just (over)due for service due to our laziness in finding a mechanic when ours retired!

Friday after driving about 15 miles and making 2 stops, the car wouldn’t start. The windows wouldn’t roll down, couldn’t use the power doors, locks, etc. The interior lights came on. The dashboard lights stuttered, but nothing happened when I turned the key. I tried multiple times before calling a tow truck.

They tried to jump it with a jump box, but it wouldn’t “catch”, so they towed it. On Monday when the shop looked at it, it started just fine (and many times through the day). Monday night I did a few errands, parked it. Tuesday morning, it did the same thing. However, this time it started with the jump. I drove it to the shop, and it’s worked perfectly for them every time.

The battery tests fine (it is only 4 months old), as does the starter and alternator. There are no loose connections, and the battery was cleaned up when I took it in 3 weeks earlier. They say without being able to replicate it, they don’t know what the problem might be.

Any suggestions? I’ve been without it almost a week now, and am afraid of being stranded if I drive it. It’s still young for a Honda, and after our recent $2,500 investment in all the servicing, we hope to drive it for many years to come!

Not sure, but there may be a relay that triggers the starter from the cars engine control unit. Relays, when failing can be hit-or-miss. Replace it and that may solve your problem.