97 GMC Jimmy TCC Malfunction



Vehicle has slow shifting from first gear - no jolting - just really slow.

Key was also stuck in ignition.

Service Engine Light came on.

You have to push the accelerator to the floor to barely move along.

Once at about 20mph, its ok.

Got the key out.

Had code read - It was a P0740, Torque Converter Malfunction.

After code was read, car worked fine.

A person recommended checking the tranny fluid.

Had tranny service done in July 2006, but then went on a 1500 mile journey in three days to move to California.

How bad is this? Do I need to have the transmission rebuilt? Or will the tranny service help?


Take it to a trans shop right away because it sounds like the converter clutch is staying locked up for some reason. It could be electronic or it could be mechanical. The trans shop needs to monitor TCC functions with a scanner to see whether this is a commanded condition or just a faulty part such as a converter, or one of the solenoids controlling converter clutch operation. Let us know what you find out.



Thank you. I’ll do that.