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02 Honda Accord 197K miles shifting problem form 1st to 2nd auto tran. engine code error P0740

2002 Accord, auto tran., 197K miles. The problem is when the car is shifting from 1st into 2nd the car’s trans. hesitates between gears then kicks in. There is 1 or 2 seconds that the car is between gears then it moves into second which at times causes the car to then lunge forward. The engine error code is P0740 I looked in the manual and that is auto transaxle malfunction or torque convertor malfunction. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Error code P0740 indicates a Torque Converter Lock-up Solanoid Valve problem.

Have you checked your transmission fluid ? If it is low I’d advise using the correct Z1 ATF, this is Honda’s proprietry fluid and it’s avalable only from honda’s dealers. other generic ATF’s are not suitable for your transmission.

The transmission fluid level is good.

TCC lockup has nothing to do with the 1-2 shift problem. These are two different problems. With that kind of mileage, you probably have a leaky 2nd clutch.


highway miles, 197,000.