97 Ford Escourt steering wheel vibrates when



I put the car in reverse. I dont think this is a major problem, but im just wondering why this happens. It gets quite loud and the steering wheel vibrates like hell and annoying when i try to back up. :frowning:

Thanks :slight_smile:



Check your motor mounts. You can do a simple test if you have someone to help you. Have your hood open with the car on. With the parking brake set, and your foot firmly on the brake, put the car in gear. Your assistant will see the motor jump when you put it in gear. It will also move if you give it a little gas while in gear.


Ok, so this could result into something bad? lol :x

My parking brake as it stands currently doesnt work eitherโ€ฆ :confused: I didnt notice this until the other day.



Bad engine or transmission mount, idle speed too low, engine performance problem (weak cylinder, ignition misfire, vacuum leak, etc., etc.).