Front end shake

whenever i apply the brakes at 100km/hour and slower , the steering wheel shakes. I tried changing the rotors and pads. Not a change. Machined the rotors and the same happens.What could it be. The tierod ends and ball joints are still nice and tight.

I even tried it with the tires off, with the car jacked up. Still the same result. With the tires off and the rotors nice and secured with nuts, yuo can actually see the rotor shimmy.

Please give me an answer because i am lost.

Prior to installing the new rotors, did you inspect the hub flange for rust?


Yes. even polihed them. Ran an indicator too.

Then the next thing to check for is bad wheel bearings.


I was going to try that route, but everything feels and looks tight. Could it be a cv shaft that is bent.

I should have probably asked this first. You are using OEM spec’d brake components?


No Aftermarket products. Monroe brake pads and rotors