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97 Ford Contour wiring, speed sensor, speedometer

I have a 1997 Ford Contour, V6, Auto. It ran terrible (engine and tranny) and the speedometer did not work. We read the codes and it said the Vehicle Speed Sensor was bad (along with mixture being too lean). I replaced the VSS, but noticed that the wiring connector going to the VSS was all shot - bare and broken wires. The connector is in a spot where I can not splice a new connector on so I was thinking of by-passing the connector and running wires directly from the VSS to somehwere else in the wiring harness that I can get too easily. Looking at the wiring diagram in the Haynes manual, I see places where 2 of the VSS wires are connected to wires for the Air Mass Sensor (which is right on top of the engine and easy to get to). However, the third VSS wire goes almost directly to the computer - the problem is the “almost”. There is one item in the diagram I do not understand so I don’t know how/where to attach this third wire. Where else can I connect the VSS wires to? Can I go directly to the computer? Will this idea work? I know Ford recalled these cars for the wiring problems with them - although this car is over the recall limit, if I make a stink, will Ford still do the recall work (rewiring the wiring harness due to defective wiring)? Finally, I know with some cars the VSS works the speedometer, but since the manual keeps talking about a speedometer cable, does that mean the problem with the speedometer not working is not due to the VSS? Since the trans is working badly, is this a tranny problem or could it still be the VSS?

Here is the wiring diagram that Auto Zone Web site has: click on this Click on Fig. 7. It shows that power (green red wire) for the VSS comes from PCM Power Relay (green yellow wire). Splice onto that. The signal wire (white pink (or purple)) goes to PCM terminal #58. Splice onto that. If there is a third wire, it goes to ground.

Thnaks! Wish me luck!

Where is the PCM? Is this the same as the ECM?

Here it is:,4294897058/shopping/locsSelect.htm Im surprised that your Haynes repair manual does have a picture of it.

If there was a recall for this problem it is still covered.

Recalls never expire.

Actually, the recall said that Ford would replace the entire engine wiring harness as long as the car was less than 10 years old and had less than 100,000 miles on it - which my car exceeds. But I really wish Ford would just replace the harness on this because I have had multiple problems with the electrical wiring - the insulation gets brittle and breaks off shorting the circuits. I really used to like Fords but am disappointed with the wiring on this car.

Thanks! However, I’ve seen this called the PCM, ECM and this diagram calls it a ECC - are they all different names for the same thing? Thanks again and wish me luck!