Ford taurus problems

I am stationed in Spain an have no place to take my car for repairs, so I need to do them myself.I have a 1994 Ford Taurus,Automatic, 3.0 engine. My problem is my odometor and speedomitor do not work. My car jerks forward when I slow down almost as if it skips a gear. I replaced the VSS (Vehicle speed sensor) but it still has the same problem. It’s worse when it is cold out. I use this car all the time wtih my kids and I am worried that I am doing more harm that good to it. I’ve been told that the VSS would solve all my problems but it has not. Do I need to replace the wiring harness? How do you install it? I was also told at one point it may be the Throttle position sensor, but desn’t that only take care of going in reverse or nutral? Or is that the Transmition range sensor? If so how do I do that. My husband is gone most of the time (Army) so I need to do this on my own. I have already replaced the radiator,so I have no problem getting under the hood. Any help would be wonderful. Thank you -Bea

You sure have the symptoms of a bad VSS. Since you’ve already replaced it, you will need to trace the wiring for the VSS, looking for open or short circuits.

It’s also possible that the new VSS is defective. Uncommon, but it happens.