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97 buick cenutry

So my car worked perfectly fine with minor issues my father got upset and disconnected one of the connections (out of two) for the ignition coil i didnt know this and drove for about a block at this point the car died it was then reconnected but now my car wont stay started it starts for a few seconds then dies now the past problems were realy unknown i had an exhaust leak right before the muffler about 4inches in width from a from a friend bottoming the car out and since than its been slowly having problems increase and now this what could b the problem

If you mean one of the plug wires was disconnected from one of the coil packs and you drove the vehicle, this may have damaged the ignition module. When the ignition module fires a coil pack but there’s nowhere for the spark to go this can over drive the ignition module causing it to overheat damaging it.

So what’s probably happened is the start mode of the ignition module still works, but the run mode of the ignition module was damaged with the plug wire being off. And that’s why the engine starts but won’t keep running.