97 accord condenser fan runs when the engine is off, forever

I have a 1997 honda accord whose condenser fan runs after the car shuts off, forever. I removed the fuse to stop the fan. I disconnected the fan switch near the thermostat and the fan contines to run. I removed the fan relay and the fan continues to run. I assume these are the only components to check. What else is involved?

Pulling either of those items should have killed the motor so it appears you got the wrong fan circuit. The service data I looked at shows that the condensor fan motor has a blu/blk wire at the motor but it changes to a blu/yel at the relay. The other relay has a blu/blk wire to the motor so I could see where the confusion would be on this. The switch for the condensor fan has a green wire running to it along with the black ground lead. See if disconnecting that switch stops the motor. The switch is most likely bad.

Is the relay in the fuse center under the hood labeled cooling fan relay?

I’m not sure where the relay is located but I would say it should be labled A/C relay.

The wiring harness was recalled on the 97 Accord for a safety defect. You need to go to your Honda dealer and find out it the harness was properly insulated IAW the recall.

There is a disconnect plug at the upper right corner of the fan housing, viewed from the front of the car. The condenser fan relay is located just below it, pointing downward. The fuse in No. 34 (15A) located in the under hood fuse box. Fuse No 21 (20A) is for the cooling fan, if you pulled it, you need to put it back asap. The relay in the under hood fuse box is for the cooling fan, not the condenser fan.