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Running Hot

My car runs hot when a stop at a stoplight,i have changed the fan motor but it still wont come on, how can i fix this problem

A blown fuse/fusible link for the fan, a defective coolant temp sensor for the fan, or a defective relay for the fan.


i checked the fuse it is fine. Is to hard to change the sensor or relay and is it expensive?

The sensor is near the bottom of the radiator and unscrews with the right wrench. Not a major job.

If the sensor has just two wires going to it, you can take the plug off and stick a paperclip across the two terminals. If that turns your fan on, (with the car running) then you can assume the system is working as advertised and you have a bad sensor.

alright…I changed the sensor and drove around then parked at home and let it run to see if it would run hot.(it did) now im gonna try your advice with the paper clip. Also the fan never came on. i marked one blade to see if it had moved but it didnt. Any other solutions you could think of i would love to hear them. Also my radiator cap was broke inside of the radiator(which i replaced)

What exactly makes you think it is running hot? Year and miles on your Honda? How long since the radiator fluid was changed? Do you have any CELs? (Check Engine Light)

Change the fan relay, they just plug in, I don’t know where it is on a Accord ,but they are usually usually a black square cube about 1 1/2 inches per side in the fusebox or in a power center under the hood.

i replaced fuse for both the condenser fan and the cooling fan. Now it works but also got a sensor for the hell of it