Honda prelude 1996

the right side cooling fan on my wifes 1996 honda prelude continues to run after the engine shuts off but only for a short time it hasnt don this in the 13 years she has owned it, is this a problem and if so what is the problem

thanks clay

If it’s an electric fan, and I think it is. Then it’s not unusual, many cars with electric cooling fans do this.

it is electric and thanks

Maybe you need to take a look at the cooling system . . . if this NEVER did it in all 13 years of service, something has obviously caused the fan to run when it never did. Fans are controlled (in this case) by a thermostat . . . when the coolant gets to a particular temp, the sensor kicks the fan on to lower that temp. Our two Hondas have pretty easy access to that sensor which screws into the radiator itself. 13 Years is a lot of coolant through the system. I replaced the radiator on my Accord and cut the old one apart afterwards, and was shocked to see how much blockage and corrosion there was inside. And I do my maintenance . . . change the coolant every 2 years or 20k. I’d go over the whole cooling system . . . starting with changing the thermostat and radiator cap (both cheap), flush the radiator (plain water works for me), re-fill the system with fresh coolant (proper mix BTW, don’t go 100%), go over the hoses for a good checking . . . and then post back. Bet you find that it went away. BTW . . . better to have the fan go on than not, IMO. Hope so, anyway. Rocketman

The fan is coming on because the temperature sensor in the radiator is signaling that the coolant has exceeded a set temperature and needs to be cooled.

Are there any problems with the cooling system? Overheating, coolant loss?

Perhaps the sensor is failing, and turning on the fan when it’s not really necessary.

If the fan NEVER came on (after engine shut-down) in 13 years this is worth investigating.

rocketman and mcparadise are correct…It’s just the fan staying on longer to cool things off. It is NOT unusual. Since it never happened before…something in the cooling system may be amiss. Radiator plugged a little??? Have it checked out. Could also just be the sensor. When was the last time you had a cooling system flush??

Thanks appreciate the info