96 Toyota T100 - Radio and A/C cut on and off

I have a 1996 Toyota T100 SR5(4x4 with 3.4lv6) It has over 207k miles and recently developed some electrical bugs. Currently my air-conditioning and cd player will cut out during driving. It is encountered mostly with changes in terrain, via speed humps, rumble strips, etc. I think it may be a loose cable but I am not sure where to begin. Also, I hear a distinct clicking noise coming from underneath the steering column and then it all cuts back on. They both can occur independently of each other and can come back on at any time. I am wondering if this is a simple fix or the beginnings of some serious electrical problems? Any ideas?

The trouble sounds like a simple connection problem. It may be with the ignition switch or a connector problem. You may be able locate the trouble by tapping on suspected trouble areas with a screwdriver handle. Purchasing a service manual would be a good thing to do so you can have some circuit data to refer to. Check Ebay out for one. Factory manuals are the best way to go and have the most details.

Thanks for the reply, I happen to have a Hayes repair manual and will look at the areas you mentioned. I will post what I find out. Thanks again for the starting points that is exactly what I needed.