Electrical Fail 96 Toyota T100

Where to begin? I have a 96 Toyota T100, SR5 4x4 with the 3.4l v6 and it has 207k miles on it. For a while now the radio and a/c would cut out and back on and I would hear an audible click from underneath the steering column. Yesterday both went completely dead. Today the check engine light came on during my commute and then all hell broke loose. The lights failed, the gauges where doing wacky things like moving in sync with turn signals and when the horn was depressed it would be 1/4 the volume and it would make the rpm gauge go down to 0. Also I would press the gas and the car would act like it had no power before springing back to life. Please help.

It is a good idea to clean the battery connections when you have this kind of trouble. Even if they look ok. It may also help to clean the major ground connections to the chassis. Since the radio and A/C went out before the other things happpened then I suggest you check out the power circuit to those points. They most likely have a common fuse to provide power from.