96 subaru legacy wont start


ok I did an engine swap from a 91 subaru legacy into my 96. I can see there are only 2 differences. 1)egr valve 2)exaust system. after installing the new engine I started it then after about 30 seconds it died. so now it wont start and so any help will be greatly apreciated. also something has been making a slight clicking noise even with the key out of ignition. so for now i have to keep my battery unhooked…


Is the clicking in the dash or eng area? do you have the remote keyless entry fob? the 96 has an alarm built in but isn’t fully connected, my 96 needs to cycle the door locks to stop the clicking after the bat has been disconected.


To see if this a fuel problem spray a small amoung of starter fluid into the intake and see if the engine tries to fire then. If it does then check out the fuel system starting with the fuel filter and then the pump.

To help locate the electical trouble pull fuses one at a time to see if you can find out what circuit is the trouble is on. Once you pin the fuse down with the trouble on it you can check out the circuits on that circuit branch.

There are some test connectors, with a single wire, on the vehicle that are normally disconnected unless some service work is being done. Normally the connector colors are green, black, or white. Make sure these are not connected together and causing this trouble. They are located near the steering column under the dash and sometimes under the hood on the firewall.


I can almost guarantee the sensors are not the same, since the ECM system for the '96 is different that the '91. The key is to make sure the '91 engine uses all the sensors from the '96, even if you must use the manifolds from the '96 on the '91.


What about the wiring harness, ECM, exhaust, etc. in all of this? They’re completely different from '91 to '96.