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'95 Subaru Legacy L sometimes won't start

The car has 175,000 miles on it and is having issues starting but only sometimes. The starter turns over but the engine doesn’t catch. Usually if I open the hood, pretend to know what I’m doing, and wait a bit, it will start within 10 minutes or less (sometimes it takes a few tries.) I hear a click when the starter is going and the engine isn’t catching, very much like the click I hear if I’m driving with the AC on and the AC needs to draw power. I’ve recently had a tune-up including new fuel filter, spark plugs and wires. The mechanic can’t figure out what’s wrong (doesn’t seem to be the battery or the battery terminals). The car even started up FINE at 40 below. I can’t really see a pattern to it. Any thoughts?

My first suspect would be a faulty fuel pressure regulator.

Or a faulty fuel pump relay…find where your fuel pump relay is and swap it with another relay in your fuse panel…I believe you have a panel under the hood in addition to the one inside the car. You are likely to find the relay under the hood and you should have several of the same type of relay in that box…just swap it with another of the same kind and give it a try…

If I remember correctly, there was a recall for cam and crank sensors for the 95 model year. Faulty sensors would cause an intermittent starting problems like you have. A set of sensors are cheap and very easy to install. I would start there if fuel pressure is ok.