Starter problem

I have an 1996 Subaru Legacy and has been running fine until last two month. Everytime when engine is cold, when I turn the key the engine doesn’t turn and you just hear a click noise. However if you step on the break and turn the steerwheel left and right couple time and step on the break then turn the key the engine starts. I already took the car to the shop to check the battery, starter, and alternator and they all check out fine. Any suggestion on what else to check that would be great. It’s driving my me crazy as the starter problem is getting worse and worse. Once the car starts it runs fine with out any issues.

Clicking noise. Check for loose dash grounds usually on the floor/firewall. Wires will be connected to the floor with a bolt/screw.

At the engine, look for a wire connected to metal and the other end connected to the body of the car. The body end may have to be disconnected and cleaned. My Haynes manual for the truck shows a picture of it in the engine section for engine removal.

Check the negative battery wire for cracks in the rubber or any kind of damage.

Then there is always an ignition switch, neutral safety switch and whatever else is under there or on the steering column. Hold the shifter up in park or to the left if you have a shift gate when you start the car.