96 sonoma wont turn over

has new battery. pulled starter and had tested its fine.This is a daily driven truck intill now. When I turn the key over nothing happens other than the normal buzzers, gauges, and lights going off but motor wont even attempt to turn over.

The starter solenoid has to be powered to get power to the starter. The STARTER RELAY provides electrical power to the starter solenoid. Open the hood and listen for the STARTER RELAY to click each time some one turns the ignition key to START. If you don’t hear the “click”, use a test light on the yellow (or, purple) wire going to the relay box as some one holds the key to START position. If the test light didn’t light, go to fuse #20 (10A) and test while holding the key to START. If the test light comes on now, this shows the neutral safety switch is out of adjustment, or bad. If the test light doesn’t come on at fuse #20 (key in START), the power isn’t getting to, or through, the ignition switch.
These instructions may be too complex; so, you would need a mechanic to do these checks. It would help if he had, and followed, the wiring diagram.