1998 gmc Sonoma bquit running now wont start help please

I have geard that it is the ign switch but I have changed it twice already whats my next step??

We’re going to need a lot more to go on if you want any answers.

Also, does starter turn the engine over or do you have nothing when you turn the key. Lights work? How old is the battery? Is battery connections clean and tight.

Battery is brand new switch turns over all the lights work just wont turn over or even click

Has the starter been replaced?

How would a bad starter cause the engine to quit running?

Try checking the positive battery cable for corrosion.

Peel back the red cover to expose the terminals. If a lot of corrosion is found on the terminals replace the cable assembly.


@blake1770 the title of the thread says “quit running” . . .

Did the truck stall out while driving?

And it hasn’t started, since then?

If the transmission is a AT try moving the shift lever around in the Park position while trying to start the engine to see if that makes a difference. The safety switch may have a problem. You could also try starting it in the Neutral position.

I have moved the shifter with nothing changing. The terminals are new with no corrosion. The truck died once so I drove it home and parked and the next day it wouldnt start. Hasnt started or even tried in 4 days

Do you know how to work a volt meter?

The trouble could be with the safety switch. Power should come from the ignition switch in the START mode and the pass on to the safety switch and then to the starter solenoid coil contact. You should see power on that small lead going to the coil when in the START mode. If you don’t then you need to check for a problem between there and and the ignition switch. If you do have power getting to the solenoid then the solenoid has a problem. You can do a web search and study how automotive starter circuits are designed. They are usually pretty simple to understand.

The safety switch would not have made the car quit running. It would make the car not start in the manner you described - strong lights when key is turned.n no soumd when trying to start.
You said it only quit once, then you drove it home. Maybe the quitting once was unrelated to the no start. You could try putting a jumper wire it he wiring plug for the neutral safety switch.

You mean on the shifter? Ill try it because it started when I jumped the starter.

It wouldnt stay running tho

The truck started when I jumped the starter but it wouldnt stay running. There is power to tge safety switch when the switch is on, but when I try to start it the power goes away.

The safety switch should only have power to it in the START mode which should tie to the starter solenoid to get the starter going. Is it possible the RUN and START wires from the ignition switch have been crossed?