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96 Mitsubishi eclipse 2.0 liter PLEASE HELP, FAST! THANK YOU

i have a 96 mitsubishi eclipse 2.0 liter 2 door coupe fwd drive 4 cyl, RS model dual over head cam automatic , heres the problem, im driving perfect, then i drive up the mountian through vail colorado, car sounds like its starving for fuel, it dies out after starting it, so right now i am stuck in dillon colorado, no trans po, i already replaced the fuel pump which was behing the back seat, tried driving, sounded like a helicoptor noise, omg, still died out on me i bought the fuel filter where is it on that car? do i need to replace the regulator and carborators too? please help guys, i cannn afford cheap and fast im in a blizzard literally! so no dry place to install myself.?? I dont have a jack but i have all the wrenches and stuff that i need, i dont know anybody in the mountians only in denver. i havent bought the regulator yet either just the pump(already installed) and filter. Note: before i came up the mountian or hill in vail colorado , my car was perfect. but the fuel pump, etc parts has never been replaced before. I CAN GIVE YOU MY CELL OR DIFFERENT EMAIL IF THAT HELPS ANY I CAN RECEIVE TEXTS, CALLS , EMAIL AND FACEBOOK. I HAVE MORE THAN ONE EMAIL. I NEED SOMEWHERE WARM OR ATLEAST DRY TO INSTALL THIS STUFF MY SELF, AND MAYBE BORROW A JACK, IM STUCK IN A WENDYS PARKING LOT NEXT TO SILVERTHORNE COLORADOZIP CODE IS 80435 I THINK

I Understand “blizzard” And I’ve Stayed In A Dillon Condo, Skiing, But What Has The Actual Temperature Been When This Fiasco Started And What Is It Now ?

“Starving for fuel” could be accurate if moisture in the fuel delivery system has frozen. Have you tried any “dry gas” or similar fuel system drier/antifreeze ?

Without setting it on fire, will it run if it breathes a little starting fluid as the engine “dies out” ?

I know Dillon is pretty high, elevation wise (dizzy flat-landers, puffy food packages, etc.) and I know that temperature drops approximately 3 degrees for each thousand feet in elevation, and that’s why I’m wondering.


The trouble does sound like a fuel delivery problem. See if it will run using starter fluid like @common sense answer suggested. Changing the fuel filter may solve the trouble. The fuel pump relay is also suspect. Check the air filter also and make sure it is okay.

The problem is that this symptom could be caused by a lot of things. Replacing the air and fuel filters might work, but probably not. It could be a plugged up cat too. Or you got a tank of bad gas, water in the gas, or dirt/sand, etc. Did you fill up at a “suspect” gas station recently?By “regulator” I assume you mean the fuel pressure regulator. It’s possible, but highly unlikely to be the problem. A mechanic would test it with a vacuum tester, and would do a fuel pressure test before replacing it. It’s also possible this is an ignition system problem. Be sure to inspedct all the spark plug wires for any cracking, etc in the insulation. It may be you got some moisture on the high voltage system, and when it melted it shorted out the ignition system. I think your best bet is to have the car towed to a shop in my humble opinion, get a motel, and let the shop deal with this tomorrow. Best of luck.