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Can anyone help me figure out my car trouble?

I have a 1998 Mitsubishi Mirage 1.5L. I can start it and it will idle but once I put it in gear and start to give it gas the car won’t pull out. It’s like it’s not getting enough gas or doesn’t know I’m giving it gas is more like it. I’ve tried googling the problem but haven’t found an answer the fits exact problem I’m having…Is there anyone out there that might know the answers to my car trouble? Plz help, any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

It could be many things, but it sure sounds like a fuel filter or fuel pump problem. If the fuel filter is easy to change then I would probably start there. Do you have a check engine light that is on?

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We need clarification.
When the OP presses the gas pedal, does the tachometer show increased RPMs, but the car won’t move?
When the gas pedal is pressed, does the tachometer NOT show increased RPMs?

If the OP is experiencing the first scenario that I mentioned, then the OP is likely looking at a transmission problem–if the car has an automatic trans. If it is a manual shift car, then a worn-out clutch is the likely culprit.

If the OP is experiencing the second scenario, then the fuel supply problem mentioned by bloody knuckles is the likely cause of the problem, although a bad Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) is also a possibility.

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