96 intrepid stalls

96 intrepid, 3.5 motor. Runs fine, no loss of power or odd behavior but will just die. Like flipping a switch. Refuses to start. I checked fuel pressure and it’s good. No codes. Does this motor have a MAF? Sure can’t find one. It has the odd split intake plenum. 1 air box but 2 separate inlet ducts to each side of motor. The motor is not transverse. It has 2 throttle bodies on the firewall side of motor with a shaft that runs between them. So eventually it starts. Idles fine. I watch it idle. And click, it shuts off.

Maybe probe around in the area of your ignition switch. See if the running pole is intermittent.

Check for spark while cranking the engine over when it doesn’t start. If there is no spark the problem might be with the Crankshaft Position Sensor.

The engine doesn’t have MAF sensor. It utilizes a MAP sensor.