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96 hyundai check engine light on no codes on scanner though

I Just bought a 96 hyundai accent and the check engine is on. Scanned for codes and it said none existed. One person told me that it could be a fuse, another said nothing is wrong. Any one have any advise?

did you scan it or someone else? If the cel is on then the system is working and there are codes. I supposed there is some possibility of a malfunction with the light itself - but I find that possibility more than remote. I would try another scanner or another place.

i tried one scanner and then had advance try it then they said fuse cause supposedly their scanner ran off the power from the car it’s a decent car only give 1100 hope i can work out the bugs

So you’re saying there is no power to the harness then so that the scanner isn’t reading - rather than that it is reading and coming up with nothing?

If that is the case I would suspect a fuse problem or something like it - but telling you where to go from there is now beyond me.

i’m going to pull it in the garage and break out my voltmeter tommorrow any advise for free wiring schematics web sites i’m pretty good at tracing stuff through wiring diagrams

For SOHC engine, click on Fig.7. For DOHC engine, click on Fig.9. The wiring diagram will be clearer if you download and print it. Look for the Data Line Connector (DLC). That is the connector the scan tool plugs into (under the dash).
This shows the connector the scan tool plugs into and what the pins are: Your car has one of these types. Terminal 4 goes to car ground. Terminal 16 carries battery voltage. If there isn’t voltage on 16, it could be a blown fuse, or a bad wire. Make sure none of the pins are bent over.