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Check engine light wont work, bulb replaced, still nothing

2006 hyundai elantra, was just purchased from a car auction via piazza group so for that big of a dealership id not suspect shady stuff. Light bulb was changed, still nothing…if i scan it the only thing it says is that the check engine light is not working properly. Any ideas?

When you first turn the key to on, does the light turn on?

No it doesnt. :frowning:

If you have fault P0650, Open in MIL control circuit, the wire may be cut between the PCM and the instrument cluster. Examine the wiring harness carefully.

Concur, sounds like the wire to the check engine light has been cut. Doesn’t auger optimism.

In the fuse box in the interior of the vehicle, check if fuse #2, 10 amp has blown.


After the obvious first step of getting the CEL working the likely second step will be discovering the CEL coughing up some serious DTCs and which is the reason the car went to auction.

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Unfortunately very likely.

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