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2005 Hyundai Tucson - scanners won't work

Hi… Ive a hyundai tucson 2005 and the engine light has been on for 8 years.

Ive bought 2 scanners and none will work. . Found the fuse to turn the liggt off but its also the main fuse to let the car start at all!

I would like to get a scanner working to see what the fault is as it’ll fail mot in June. Had a new egr fitted at the time of purchase in 2011 light came on before i bought it.

Any help would be really appreciated.

Cheers James

Many parts stores will read the codes for free.

Op indicated MOT inspection, he may be in the UK. But by purchasing a car eight years ago with the CEL on he may very well have multiple codes. For the cost of the two scanners he could have had a shop check the codes and saved money.

You may not have power to the obd port,
Do your cigarette lighter and 12 volt power ports work?

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