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95 7.3 powerstroke turbo diesel

My 95’ F-350 duellie is an excellent truck. The motor, a 7.3 Powerstroke turbo diesel by all accounts is rated as one of fords best. Now comes the Gory details.

After having a water pump and miscellaneous service items done on my truck by our local (and I might add) excellent mechanic, I noticed it was running rough. The following morning I got in my truck, turned the key, waited to start and cranked it over. It started, but after a minute of running-it went into " I forgot how to run" mode. I called the mechanic, made him aware of what happened, and he said bring it back to our shop and we’ll take a look. After numerous hours trying to diagnose the truck-he said he could not figure out what had happened. He checked to make sure no air was in the fuel lines, checked the water/fuel separator (?), checked fuses and a multitude of things. I then contacted Ford, went on the diesel forums and applied what I learned-to see if I could get my truck running. To this point the truck has had new UVC (under valve cover) gaskets, glow plugs, pigtails and a relay installed. The relay and glow plugs have been checked for operation-aok, each pigtail connection was soldered and doubled insulated with liquid electrical tape and then wrapped. I then call our local mechanic and he (at no charge) stopped by my home where the truck is and plugged into my trucks wiring harness with a Snap On machine/code reader and ran through various steps to see if anything could be determined as to why my truck-at this point-won’t run. All codes and messages were fine and still my truck will not run. It cranks, has plenty of battery power, fuel to the lines, 1/2 a tank of fuel in the truck, relay working, glow plugs working, fuses all good-and still won’t start.
Does the truck have to be re-program? Should I disconnect and reconnect the batteries to possible re-program the computer?

Can you try to help diagnose my truck, so once again it can run like the beast it once was.

Thank you in advance.

Bob De

Have someone check the pressure out of the high pressure oil pump.

If the pressure is too low the injectors won’t operate.