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1996 Chevy 3500 6.2 diesel

My dually is giving me fits. I wait for the glow plug to stop before attempting to start. Then it’s like Aaron Tippin sings, “sometimes she runs, sometimes she don’t”. It turns over fine. When it’s running, it runs good. But most times it won’t start. The fuel is being stopped somewhere. The in tank pump is working…I can hear it when I turn on the key. What else can I check? Thanks in advance.

How many miles on this engine? Perhaps a compression test is in order, especially if you are north of 150K miles…

@ReddyFreddy I believe you actually have the 6.5 liter diesel.

This should apply to you. You certainly have the symptoms. While the “free replacement” period is long over, it should give you an idea what parts are needed. We have a 1996 GMC 3500HD in our fleet that had your symptoms. It winded up needing the pump.

Good luck!

I had mega trouble with the fuel shut off solenoid. Sometimes it would open the fuel supply and sometimes would not shut off the fuel supply. So I’d make sure the solenoid is working properly. That was on the Stanadyne pump and don’t know if they are still using them or not. Not starting though was usually either the glow plugs themselves or the glow plug relay not timing the glow plugs properly. Nothing cheap on those beasts.

@Bing my colleague was the one that recently changed the pump. And I clearly recognized it as a Stanadyne.

db4690 Just an off topic but when I cleaned out my back garage last summer, I found an old injector pump that I replaced years ago. Rebuilt ones were $500. I took it and other scrap down to the junk yard and pointed out that they may want to do something different with the pump but he just threw it in the recycling bin. I wish I would have at least taken it apart to look at it first.