1997 Camry stalling

I have a 1997 camry that for its whole life has been wonderful and has had very few issues until now. I have taken it to two mechanics and they still cant figure out what is truly wrong. Its symptoms are struggling to start, the engine struggles to turn over and stay running, sometimes it chugs a bit then dies and when it does start it revs really high at around 2000 rpm, if I am on an up hill and I have to stop the car generally chugs a bit and dies as well. This was happening just a few times here and ther but now it is happening more and more! Please help does anyone have any ideas on what could be happening???

Sounds like it is time for plugs,wires,cap and fuel filter

Has the mechanic cleaned the throttle body and the Idle Air Control valve? If this has been done, get back to us with the engine configuration and size i.e. L4 or V6 and liters. Also how many miles on the Camary? Is the Check Engine Light ‘on’ now or has it been ‘on’ previously? Have any codes been pulled?