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96 camry rear strut

I had rear strut replaced .but mechanic didnt have time to put in both …only the left rear. Two days later in rainy. Weather my car lost control and i wrecked on freeway with family in car…it was rainy so theres really no way to tell if the strut had any part to play… Im thinking…maybe

“maybe” is the only response I have

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I am sure there is a lawyer that can make the case, right or wrongly, that this was the cause of your accident. That the car was “unsafe” to drive.

My comments to you are:
Why did you take the “unsafe” car away if the mechanic was not done with the job especially since 2 days later you were still driving it?
Why are you trying to put the blame on your mechanic rather than accepting it for yourself?

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IMHO there isn’t a chance. You’d need to provide evidence that the strut was at least partially responsible for your losing control on the wet roads. Any evidence you claim to have is anecdotal at best.

Besides, there are way too many unknown variables. How fast were you going? How were your tires? Were they well balanced? What was the speed limit? The car’s a '96… what was the condition of the alignment? How’s the maintenance?

Simply, you were going too fast for conditions. And perhaps for the condition of your tires. IMHO trying to blame the shop is a tough sell.


Vehicles seldom lose control but drivers do. I don’t see why the post was even made.


Yes, struts should be replaced in pairs, but–as was already stated–this is undoubtedly a case of a driver who was operating his vehicle too fast for weather and road conditions.

I have two suggestions for the OP:

Don’t use that mechanic again
Learn to accept responsibility for your own actions


I Never blamed the Mechanic…I simply stated that only one strut was Replaced…review the post . I said .maybe the STRUT had a part to play in the accident …IN OTHER WORDS…I… RECOMMEND. REPLACING BOTH STRUTS …INSTEAD OF JUST ONE!
Hes a great dude.

It Was made as a recomendation …
Never replace just one strut…Always Replace The Pair…

Nobody blaming anybody…re…read the post smart guy…im saying to replace both struts…not just one

Rather than merely a recommendation, I consider that to be a cardinal rule.
Unless you are replacing a fairly new strut, you need to replace them in pairs in order to preserve the vehicle’s handling ability.
That being said, the make/model/condition of your tires (an unknown to us) plays a very important role in wet road traction, as does vehicle speed.

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I read the post. This very statement was key to my reply. What ELSE could I take from that comment? Notice that I am not the only one who interpreted your post as suggesting the mechanic was to blame for your wreck.

BTW, Always replace struts in pairs. You didn’t say that anywhere in your original post.

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We learn the most from our mistakes.
Lets just say I learned alot.(big mistake)
Now i know.
Its a good thing no one was hurt.Thank god.
From now on when it comes to suspension.
I know what to do.
Thank you all for your honest feedback.

At 70K miles, had an '86 Tempo with a blown rear strut (oil coated). The other one was dry. Dealer just replaced the one. Never had a problem for the next 60K when I traded it.