Should I replace my Strut?


For the last 2-3 weeks, I’ve been experiencing some noise on the right side of my 1988 Camry. After taking a look myself, I noticed that the right rear strut is leaking and is probably responsible for causing the noise (there seems to be no consistency between the noise and the road conditions).

Anyways, I’m certain it’s my strut, but I’m about 6 months away from buying a new car.

Can anyone tell me if it’s worthwhile to replace the strut? Is there anything bad that could happen by me not replacing it?


Giving advice of this sort is awfully tricky. What I might do myself if it were my car is not necessarily a good idea for someone else.

I would chance it. But I would tell someone else to make the repair. If things went wrong for me I could deal with the consequences of my own folly. But I would not want bad stuff to happen to someone else who took my advice without knowing the risk.

This same sort of thought process must be going through the minds of everyone else who considers the situation. Good luck.


A bad strut will affect your handling–and not in a good way. Also, a potential buyer who inspects the car may spot that problem and offer a substantially lower price.

If I were you, I would get the cheapest replacement struts possible. Yes, I said struts, as they must be replaced in pairs. In your case, both rears should be replaced.