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Camry 4 clydr, '98 struts

The rear struts are blown. Left one is leaking badly. Is it bad to replace only one strut. What is the downside of doing this? Will it compromise the tire wear? (new tires). I’m short on cash and have already got 3 opinions from different mechanics. Hourly rates in CA are $100-$125 an hour for labor only.

imho only replacing one is a very bad idea both for reasons of safety and future costs. with one new & one 10yrold strut the car will handle poorly - and it may contribute to the wear of other parts. personally, I would find a way to do them both.

Yes, better to have 2 worn ones than one new and one worn. Will result in erratic handling.

It isn’t bad to replace only one strut. It’s evil (if you have lots of money). Since you are short of money, go for one.

Replacing in pairs is the usual advice, but auto manufacturers replace one all the time if it fails under warrantee.

Yeah, if one’s OK and the other one’s bad. OP said “The rear struts are blown”. If they’re both bad, I wouldn’t want to replace just one.