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96 Camry, clicks after getting new front half axles

I have a '96 Camry 4 cylinder LE, Automatic with 185000 miles.

I was told during my last visit at my local mechanic (new tires/alignment) that my CV joints were broken/bad and they advised new front half axles. I had this done, figuring after 185000 miles it was probably due.

Now I hear a very quiet clicking sound from the left front wheel area. I immediately took the car back to the mechanic, who could not reproduce the noise on the lift or on the road. They inspected the axles/cv joints/brakes and found no issues.

The sound comes between 30-45 MPH, NOT when turning, and NOT when accelerating. Mainly when coasting to a stop. Applying the brakes makes no change. The clicking is very quiet, occurs one click per wheel revolution, slows down as the car slows down and definitely wasn’t there before I had the work done… The car drives fine but this sound is really starting to annoy me. Please help!

Does this Camry have steel wheels with wheel covers? If so remove the front wheel covers and see if the click is gone. If the click is from the wheel covers, I don’t know if the retention springs can be tightened. You might need to get a replacement wheel cover.

Hope that helps