96 Buick Century Blinkers Intermittent Blink, Now No Blink

Both turn signals started to blink intermittently when applied (one blink, 10 seconds later two blinks, for example). After blinking manually for a while, no neither side blink at all. The hazards work and no bulbs were out. I really wish it to just be bad flashers, but suspect it is the blinker switch?? If so, how hard is that to replace? I hate bringing the old girl to the shop and having to spend a fortune in labor cost.

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Let’s just say that my hunch matches your hunch, then multiply times two or three.


Have you tried switching the hazard and turn signal flashers to verify both flashers work?

The turn signal/multifunction switch on my 2000 Blazer went bad a few years back. The turn signals worked, but the clicking noise would not stop. To verify the switch was bad, I sprayed CRC Electrical Contact Cleaner into the base of the switch on the steering column. The switch was ok for a few days, but the continuous clicking started back up.

The switch for the Blazer cost ~$200 and it took 2 - 3 hours (for me) to replace.

Ed B.

If a Century is like a Monte Carlo, it takes a special puller to take apart the air bag clock spring’s snap ring, but other than that, it’s fairly simple. I suspect you can get the puller on Autozone’s tool “rental” program where you get your $$ back upon return. Of course they want to sell you the switch. I’ve fixed several GM switches by cleaning the contacts, but sometimes their plastic parts are broken. I think I gave about $55 for the last one I bought.

If the Century is like a Grand Am, the switch drops out the side of the column. No special tools are required.