1998 Buick Century Custom Turn Signal Problem

Currently I have a 1998 Buick Century Custom having turn signal issues.

The front left blinker is not blinking. Understandably, with this malfunction, the rear left blinker blinks rapidly when the turn signal switch is in the left turn signal position. However, when I put the hazard lights on, BOTH rear blinkers blink normally as does the front right blinker.

When the headlights are on, the amber-colored blinker bulb remains lit (left front).

The right side front and rear blinkers work great.

I have checked the fuses, replaced the bulb and cleaned the socket of the front left blinker and still have no results. While my next guess would be that the flasher unit is the problem, I don’t believe the rear, or front right blinkers would blink if that was the problem.

Does anyone have any advice? It would be much appreciated.


Do the rear turn signal lamps share the same bulb as the tail lamp?

I wouldn’t be able to say because I haven’t touched the tail lamps. They work great.