96 Astro Antilock light.. Speed Sensor

My astro antilock light comes on every time I drive the van. Sometimes it comes on when I start the vehicle, other times it is about ~10min later. I do NOT have the problem with the ABS engaging at low speeds, which is common with a faulty speed sensor for this model.

Any Ideas??

Your guess is as good as anyone else s. Why dont you take it to someone with a scanner capable of accessing the ABS computer. That will tell you for sure why the computer has illuminated the ABS light.


Would love too… But I live in a town of 350 people. We dont even have a stop light! Nearest person with a scanner is over a hour away. I put new rotors and pads on about 2 weeks ago and the light started about 3 days after that. Just a little more info.

Also not sure if it makes a difference but it is the antilock warning light, not the ABS light.

Thanks any help is appreciated

Unfortunately, there’s really nothing we can do here. Bottom line is: the computer has found a problem and its telling you so by illuminating the anti lock light. The only way to tell why the computer turned it on is to tap into it with a scanner and read the data. You might just have to drive that hour to find out why.


One thing a DIY’er can do is check the tone rings for the wheel speed sensors for debris. Over time metalic brake dust and other contaminates can buildup between the teeth on the tone rings. This messes up the signals to the wheel speed sensors causing the ABS light to come on.

Purchase an aerosol can of sensor safe brake cleaner and give the wheel speed sensors and the tone rings a good cleaning to see if that turns off the ABS light.


Thanks, I’ll give that a try and let you konw. If not sounds like I have something to do my next off day…