Anti- lock brake light


98 olds intrigue 3.8L v6 150,000 automatic

my anti lock/brake light comes on my dashboard shortly after i start it and drive off. it happens when the car goes through its diagnostic test. usually within 10 seconds of driving the car.

i have no diagnostic machine. what would be the most common problem? thanks

“anti-lock brake code” c1264 i took the car to a local shop and he tested it on his machine and said for some reason the correct amperage is not getting/coming from the rear of the car. he said the alternator is putting out like it should. he said he checked amperage other places and couldn’t find any problem. brakes have 50% life left, no loose wires. i don’t know what else to check. could the battery be going bad?


It is more than likely that one of the ABS sensors has gotten too much roadside crud on it and is no longer sensing. I’ve cleaned off several of them and they’ve worked again. Has anyone done any brake work on this vehicle lately? Sometimes that will set a code.


i have unplupped the sensor wire at each wheel and pluged them back in, they seem ok and are not dirty or corroded.
i hear a noise under the dash that makes a couple of clicks just before the anti- lock brake light comes on.
there was no brake work done latly. the shop i went to had all the wheels off and said they looked things over.
this also caused my cruise control to not work. my cruise control comes on, but will not engage.


anyone got any answers for me?


First of all the alternator and battery have nothing to do with the speed sensor circuit because the sensors generate their own voltage signal. More than likely the speed sensor is defective.


good info, thanks! is the speed sensor easily replaced, or should i take it to a shop. i am ok about removing and replacing, like brakes and whatnot. could i handle this? does it require special tools?