95 Mitsubishi Expo Wagon

I was not a car person until I saw this car. I chased it down, identified it and then went straight to the local Mitsu Dealer to have a closer look. Love at first sight.

I am pretty sure Click or Clack has a similar vehicle and these puppies are tough. Consumer Reports rated them pretty high and I totally agree.

I baby this thing. Regular oil changes, tire pressure checks etc.

However, I am a short female who sounds like a five year old on the phone. Many people therefore try to rip me off. Most don’t do it a second time.


Anyhow, there is a place near my house that works OK for routine stuff but not for real repais and after 120,000 you begin to need those.

The car started idling a little rough about four days ago, and yesterday she developed a shudder which makes it feel like she is considering stalling. A slight knocking/tapping sound came on when stopped at a light on a hill. When I got to work, there was a faint smell, like that of almost burnt toast from under the hood. Not smoke. More like matches/cordite.

After work I had her towed about 30 miles and since it was really late, I chose to the shop I am not overly comfortable with because it is closer to my house and I could get a ride home.

The shop says she needs a new engine.

None of the lights ever came on, but they say that oil is leaking from everywhere top and bottom valves are shot, the oil pan is rotted out and the water pump is blown.

The guy who told me this has a 92 Mitsu.

At the dealership some years ago, I heard a simliar story from another mechanic, at who also had a 92 Mitsu and kept trying to get me to buy a new car. He said that mine was old but it would be just perfect for his girlfriend.

I stopped going there after an oil change where they took the oil out but didn’t put any in, even after I called them on it.

I have previously caught these guys lying to me, but since that particular guy and a couple others left the place I started coming back for routine care.

They told me about the oil leak but there are no drips on the garage floor and the egine looks clean when I look under the hood.

They want 6,000 (SIX THOUSAND) to fix it.

What say you?