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92 Honda Accord Wagon

My daughter owns a 1992 Honda Accord wagon, she cannot get it to start on colder days. Sometimes she goes out and runs a hair dryer over the engine, it helps, but it is getting worse.Her husband says that is ridiculous to do. We don’t know that much about cars here, but we know a good mechanic who might give it a try if you could enlighten us about any problems starting these kind of cars may have . We just would like to know if it could be a sensor of some kind or a timing belt or distributor, or what? We need to know where to start (to get it to start) thanks!

The first thing we need to give you an answer is information. A '92 Honda is an old car, how is it maintained? When did it last get new spark plugs, plug wires, a new air filter, stuff like that?

Cars that don’t start easily when cold or wet often need new ignition parts. Plugs, plug wires, distributor cap, rotor are the parts I’m talking about.

Old Accord wagons are very good cars. Hopefully your daughter appreciates that she is driving a unique car and is keeping it maintained.

Having owned a '02 Accord wagon, I can attest to what Uncle Turbo stated.
These cars are known for few problems (other than rust behind the rear wheel wells) IF they are properly maintained.

What can you tell us (specifically) about the car’s maintenance over the past 3 years?