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95 mercury mystique rough idle stalling

Engine Performance problem

1995 Mercury Mystique 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 112k miles

95 mercury mystique- car ran fine! i decided to replace the pcv valve, and hit the connector to the CKP crankshaft positing sensor. it broke to pieces. couldn’t find a replacement connector, decided to splice a fuelinjector connector seems to fit the same, just looking for a pulse. car starts now, comes to an idle and eather stalls, or runs rough and spikes in RPMs a couple of times and stalls after a few mins, backfires once in a while. i have no idea if i may have damaged the CKP sensor, the spliced wire may not be sufficient (one seems to be brass and one alum),? the pcv valve? or if somting else has just happened to come up at the same time. any information would be extremly helpful, seeing as i can not make it to work! and

and i don’t have the money righ tnow to go through and replace sensors and things that need not be replaced looking for the problem, it’s winter in ny and our economy is not favoring my profession right now!

The 2.0L 4 cylinder has a cps (camshaft position sensor). The one wire, aluminum color, seems to be a shielded wire. The shield (aluminum foil wrap) is grounded at one end. It is NOT to be connected to the wire (conductor) in the center; and, that may be what you did when you spliced the wires.
Splice only the center (conductor) of each wire to the other cut wires. Check with an ohm meter (multimeter) that the shield (aluminum covering) has zero ohms to ground. This show that one end is connected to ground, as it should be. When you re-splice, make sure that the aluminum foil doesn’t get included with the center wire. Pull the end of the shield back and cover it with tape.
You could get another connector from the junk yard, or, get bullet connectors, which can be disconnected when desired, at Walmart or Radio Shack.

thank you, but, there are two wires red and white/gr there is no alum foil in either one