1999 Jeep Cherokke Sport V6 Stalling out

I have a 1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport v6. I have replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter, Battery, cables, alternator, distributor cab, and plugs and my car keeps stalling out on me. It drives and idols just fine but when I am driving or accelerating the vehicle dies, I let up off the gas and it restarts itself. When I hook it up it does not read an error code!! So frustrated, not sure what to do next. Could really use some help!!!

Thank You
Katy Stein

CRankshaft possition sensor, or camshaft possition sensor.
Both can be problematic when the engine warms up to opperating temperatures.


I searched for your problem and apparently it’s a problem for many people. I gleaned that the PCM is the problem. Apparently the ground connections too. Most of the people replace their PCM from Autozone and it’s preflashed. Some said the PCM solder joint at the connectors was bad. This fix was free.

Here is a post from the forum

Steps to repair 1997 Jeep stalling issue.
This will work for most.
I find the fix circulated around the web referring to the 2 torx screws kind of silly since these 2 screws go into plastic and the depth (bottom out) is more than sufficient for the original length of the screws.
So then why so many people say after doing that it ran fine? That’s because the connectors were removed and re-inserted into the PCM thereby addressing the issue as in step 3 below.
1- Clean ground connectors at the block tied to the Oil stick, make sure they are tight and clean. Any oil leak from the valve cover could accumulate on this stud and later carbonize and prevent the flow of electrons.
2- Clean and tighten ground connectors at the fender next to the battery.
3- Remove coolant overflow canister and place on top of battery, remove all 3 connectors from PCM, spray with contact cleaner,(both computer connectors and harness).
Note this is the most important step!!!
4- When reinserting connectors to the PCM make sure that you hear a loud click on each lock tab for each connector.
Just pushing the connector without this loud click will leave it wiggling, with heat and cold (shrinkage and expansion) the connection will come loose.
You will have to grab the connector and push it in and twist it upwards to hear the snap. If you feel it snapped in but did not make the loud click then its not right and will stall again.
Since my jeep is now 13 years old I decided to also splurge with a new coil, dist cap, plugs, wires, rotor and pickup coil( also knows as camshaft sensor)
but I only did this after the original complaint was fixed. 9 months now with no stalling.
I also wiggle the harness every other month just to make sure that the cheap wiring Chrysler used hasn’t cracked or peeled.
Hope this helps

How is “carbonized oil on the stud” going to “stop the flow of electrons” id its outside the ground cable and ON TOP of the ground bolt? There is a solid mechanical connection to the block. If anything it would be corrosion. I have a 97 Jeep and I tried all that stuff you mentioned and once I changed the PCM everything was instantly fixed, now going for over a year strong.