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Loss of power durring acceleration

95 mercury mystique 2L

i had recently posted about a problem that i though was with the CKP after checking the voltage and resistance readings before and after the slpiiced connector i found that be ok, i found a vaccum hose that has been blown off, after reconnectig it the engine no longer stalls out when comming to idle. Cleaned out the IAC and took it for a test drive. there is very low acceleration, sputtering, especially up hill, i replaced the plugs wires and fuel filter about 1300 miles ago after buying the car. not realy sure where to go next. would a diagnostic tool be helpful at all if there is no check engine light on? any information at al on where to go next outside of taking it to someone (which i can not afford) would be helpful, thank you

Have a shop do a manifold vacuum test,this will confirm or eliminate the possibility of a exaust (or cat) restriction. I you want to do it your self and can get a gague I will re-post instructions (two techniques were posted yesterday)

Some how you must get a under load fuel pressure reading to eliminate the potential low fuel pressure possibility.

Have you disconnected the battery. If so, how did the engine run right after reconnecting. If that reboot worked for awhile, I might suspect the engine computer. If I wanted to just change parts, and I do usually want to, I would change the throttle position sensor. After that didn’t work I would have to get the codes read. The other way around is better.